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Legrand is a French company, a manufacturer of electrical products, as well as solutions for electrical and information networks. The company’s headquarters is located in the city of Limoges, France. In recent years, Legrand has expanded its business through acquisitions in over 60 countries.

Navicut laser cutting machines are used to produce metal cases for a wide range of the company’s products. At every stage of the production of this industrial giant, there is a mandatory quality control that all products made on Navicut machines undergo.

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Entity: Navigator machines doo Beograd-Vračar
Address: Kneza stracimira 34
Place: 11118 Beograd
Registration number: 21822094
Tax: 113198154


Manufacture: Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia, Bajci Zilinskog 5a

Office: Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, Kneza Stracimira 34 (Vojvode Hrvoje 34)


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