Competitive advantages

We supply machines to the European Union, USA and Taiwan, where we successfully compete with the above companies

  • Productivity

    Naviсut laser cutting machines provide high-quality metal cutting at high speeds. Fiber lasers up to 30 kW, processing up to 1000 tons of sheet metal per machine monthly.

  • Reliability

    Modern, reliable and expensive components of the best global manufacturers are used for the production of machines.

  • Usability

    Easy to buy, easy to maintain. We are a European manufacturer with 24/7 support.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    The cost of similar machines from leading foreign manufacturers is 30-60% higher. The cost of consumables and maintenance of foreign competitors is higher.

  • Plainness

    The Navicut unit does not require maintaining a “medical cleanliness” of the facility. The laser is resistant to humidity and vibrations in production.

  • Ease of use

    No special training is required to operate and maintain the Navicut unit. The staff is trained to work with the machine within 5 days

Productivity Reliability Usability Cost-effectiveness Plainness Ease of use

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Manufacture: Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia, Bajci Zilinskog 5a

Office: Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, Kneza Stracimira 34 (Vojvode Hrvoje 34)


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