Customer service

Navicut support and service team will always find the right solution for your problem. We provide both warranty and post-warranty support for our equipment and have several maintenance programs. Highly qualified service engineers perform both remotely and on site depending on the type of work.

  • We operate in more than 70 countries
  • The speed of response to a client’s request does not exceed  1 business day
  • Availability of critical spare parts in stock
  • Remote support and diagnostics of equipment operation
  • Free setup and training upon delivery of equipment
Smart Diagnostics

Smart Diagnostics

  • Remote access to the operator panel
    • observation of cutting parameter values ​​for analysis of the machining process
    • observation of error messages to analyze the causes of failure
    • real-time monitoring of the sequence of actions of the operator to identify the causes of a malfunction
  • Partial diagnostics of drives and, if necessary, adjustment of drive settings
  • Laser source diagnostics
  • Correction of machine parameters (accelerations, axis travel limits, etc.)
  • Update controller and operator console software
Professional education

Professional education

All our customers receive full information support about the operation of our equipment. When delivering machines, we provide the following types of training:

  • Proper setup and installation of equipment
  • Rules for working with the machine, safety precautions, service rules
  • Software installation, work in Metalix CAD/CAM system
  • Setting up, reinstalling, and updating Metalix software


We offer not only warranty and post-warranty service, but also the possibility of periodic maintenance, which will increase the life of the equipment, reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns and allow you to predict your maintenance costs. We will take care of all the responsibilities for the maintenance of metal laser cutting machines to help you achieve maximum productivity and stable operation of the equipment.

Spare parts available

Spare parts available

Navicut maintains a stock of critical spare parts, allowing for quick repairs while minimizing equipment downtime. Prompt worldwide delivery as well as fast and high-quality work of service engineers guarantees a quick solution to unforeseen situations. For more than 20 years, our service department has been working to improve the quality and speed of customer service.

Metrological tests

Metrological tests

We check the speed and accuracy of all machines ready for shipment without exception using a specially developed method. It allows you to check all the parameters of the machine and guarantee the quality standards of finished products. All test samples are made in duplicate, one for the client and another for us. Signed acceptance documents confirm the conformity of the parameters of the finished machine and specification, as well as the specified standards of finished products.

Installation supervision

Installation supervision

Each delivery of the machine is accompanied by the departure of our engineer. The placement of equipment at the customer’s site occurs according to a pre-agreed scheme, which allows optimizing the occupied space and increasing the convenience of working with the machine. The tasks of the engineer also include commissioning of equipment, setting up,  checking all components and making test samples. All work takes 1-2 working days depending on the size and power of the machine.

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