Navicut joins Vojvodina Metal Cluster

Navicut joins Vojvodina Metal Cluster

Navicut has applied to join Vojvodina Metal Cluster

Vojvodina Metal Cluster (VMC) is a business association for improving the competitiveness of the metal sector of Vojvodina / Serbia and the most important association of metal workers in Serbia.

VMC was established in Temerin in 2011 by 76 founders (56 are private production companies and 20 are support institutions).

VMC’s mission is to create conditions for the effective and efficient operation of each member of the Vojvodina Metal Cluster through the connection and joint action of companies, administrative bodies and scientific-research and innovative institutions.

We look forward to successful cooperation with cluster members, thanks to close interaction and well-established business ties. Participation in cluster events will allow us to attract new customers not only from the Serbian, but also from the European market.

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Entity: Navigator machines doo Beograd-Vračar
Address: Kneza stracimira 34
Place: 11118 Beograd
Registration number: 21822094
Tax: 113198154


Manufacture: Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia, Bajci Zilinskog 5a

Office: Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, Kneza Stracimira 34 (Vojvode Hrvoje 34)


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