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Specialized software

Specialized software

The software package for technological preparation, supplied in cooperation with one of the world’s leading companies, automatically optimizes the cutting of parts, minimizing the time spent on preparatory operations.

The included software package allows you to:

  • perform cutting with a common cut in automatic mode, take into account the width of the cut;
  • optimize idling;
  • if necessary, introduce a ban on the passage of the cutting head over the cut out places;
  • keep records of blanks, received parts and business waste;
  • use the FlyCut processing mode to increase productivity;
  • make marking, punching, engraving;
  • automatically install micro-jumpers in the cutting circuit.

The software package allows you to upload and edit drawings in .dwg, .dxf formats and any other formats supported by CAD, and also has the ability of network synchronization with personal computers and the ability to read information from various types of electronic media.

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